Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Father Heart of God

God’s been revealing Himself to me in tiny yet amazing ways. My daily prayer is to have God show me His love in a new and creative way… and He has been faithful in answering that prayer. Sometimes my heart is captivated by the beauty of God’s creations: the trees, flowers, oceans and sunsets I get to see here. Other times, I know God cares about me by the way He has surrounded me with loving and supportive people in my life. One particular morning during my quiet time, I watched a father help his toddler walk around outside. The baby couldn’t walk on her own, but the father crouched down and held both her hands and whispered in her ear and helped her stumble around the yard. I don’t know this man well, and he probably wondered why I stared at him for so long… but in that moment, I felt God was clearly illustrating His nature as a protective, loving and encouraging Father. I am still a baby who needs God holding me by both my hands as I toddle around this world. I need God whispering His promises in my ears as I try to get my footing and figure out how to do this thing called life. I need to know that even if I start to fall, God has me by the hands and won’t let ever let me fall to the point of being truly hurt. He is my loving protector, encourager and ever-faithful Father.