Monday, February 22, 2010

Humility in Leadership

I spent this last week learning about the value of servant leadership. Rick Allegretto, head of YWAM Central & South America, joined us and spoke about humility, the importance of service as a Christian, and the role that a servant heart plays in leadership and ministry. His message provoked me to evaluate my own attitude towards service and others, examine my heart and really try to grasp the concept of true humility and servanthood. One of my most favorite traits about Jesus is His great humility and attitude towards others. I may have a hard time worshipping an arrogant or selfish God, but Jesus made Himself the least - and even sacrificed Himself to the point of death - out of love for others. That’s the kind of God I worship and serve. Rick’s teaching was a good reminder of what service is all about. My motivations cannot lie anywhere outside of a heart hungry after God. I cannot serve so that I receive a pat on the back, or praise from man. And being a leader doesn’t mean preferential treatment or special privileges. Leadership requires authority and responsibility and comes with honor, but it is a position of humility that makes a leader successful.

Local outreach was spent with Metro Ministries, running the children’s program in the neighborhood of Santa Ana. I am really beginning to build relationships with the children there. They now run up and greet me when I arrive, remember my name, and don’t hesitate to have conversation. I am quickly falling in love with all of these kids! I feel so fortunate to be a part of what this ministry is doing. Each week, I have the privilege of worshipping Jesus (in Spanish!) with some of the world’s most beautiful children. We play games together, share hugs, learn more about the character of Jesus and grow in relationship. Unfortunately, the kids talk so fast that I can’t understand their Spanish well. The cool part is that we are still just as close as I would be with any English-speaking child. Somehow play, laughter, and hugs surpass words and conquer language barriers. That is the real blessing.

God is continuing to work in my own heart as I am here… He is bringing so many questions to the surface, and challenging me in most areas of my life. I am praying so hard about my future. The only basis for future plans that I want to have is the Bible – what are we supposed to be doing during this short amount of time on Earth? Each man’s life is but a breath – what will mine look like? What words did Jesus leave us with – what does He desire for us to do? My prayers are scattered all over the place. Should I do a language school? Should I just live and serve and love a community with every ounce of my being, showing them who Jesus is through my actions? Should I return to university and get a degree that will be used to seek justice and transform a community? Should I work and save money so that I can sustain myself somewhere long-term? I am at a point in my life where I can fully, 100% hand my life over to God. My only prayer now is that His will be done – I’ll do whatever He wants. So that’s thrilling… the possibilities are endless! I am so excited to embark on this great big adventure with my Great Big God.


English Teacher/Sex Tourist Arrested in Cambodia,0,2659673.story

An American man who couldn't legally teach in the United States, due to a previous sex offense, went to Cambodia to teach English - and take advantage of the child prostitution available in the area. He is accused of sexually abusing multiple children during this time, and is sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Please Pray that...

-God would begin to heal and work in the hearts and minds of child abusers and people traveling abroad to sexually abuse children.

-God would heal and comfort the children who are trafficked, exploited and abused in all countries of the world.

-Organizations that hire teachers would more thoroughly evaluate their volunteers, in order to avoid having potential child predators teaching in inappropriate situations.

-Justice would be achieved for these children, and that more people pursuing child prostitution or abuse would be caught and prosecuted.


Oasis International

Oasis is a Christian Organization working to unify, equip and train the Church to reach out to all parts of the world. They aim to transform communities, work with children and those in poverty, end trafficking and bring God's Kingdom to Earth. Check out their website to see the variety of things they're doing around the world!

Stop Child Trafficking Now

This organization's strategy to combat human trafficking focuses solely on the demand side of the industry - catching and prosecuting child predators and prostitution customers in order to lower the demand, and as a result, help end the supply. Highly skilled operative teams of governmental and law enforcement officials are working together to convict those who are perpetuating the human trafficking industry. I think their approach to this issue is unique and really awesome! There are a lot of organizations working on rescuing and restoring victims, but this group of people are partnering with those efforts to fight a different side of the issue.